Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A fine line between giving and receiving

One day I decided to find more ways to give, as a venue to being happy with where I am at in the midst of financial struggles. I have read others efforts to enjoy the small things. The moments with their families, friends, finding a hobby, activity or learn a new ability. As a mom, I thought to myself why am I going to find more ways to give of myself? Don't I give enough?

Here's the check list:

1. Laundry
2. Dishes
3. Sweeping and mopping
4. Cooking Breakfast, lunch and dinner
5. Feeding, walking and cleaning up after 3 dogs
6. Balancing the checkbook, paying bills
7. Finding great deals on things our famliy needs
8. Stocking the fridge, freezer and pantry
9. Reading to the kids, teaching them 24/7 through out the day
10.Stroking my husbands ego and fulfilling my husbands needs (no complaints here, I'm just pointing out another area in which giving takes place)
11. Finding activities for the kids to learn and grow as well as taking them to these activities
12. Being the interceptor when the kids fight
13. Volunteering

This is just some things of the top of my head mind you all. I could look at this and think to myself "WOW" Misty you do alot and whats wrong with you? Are you nuts? Lets add something else to the growing list! Just looking at this list helps me reflect a little though. If I didn't give in these ways how would the receiving come? These two-giving and receiving are 2 sides to the same coin. Not that I give to receive but there is a ball that gets set in motion and if the action stops so does the benefit. Isn't that a law of physics? To every action there is a equal or greater reaction. Or something to that effect? Its kind of an enevitability. I put something into motion by giving and when I hinder or stop that motion it puts up a road block to receiving.

I think about the movie "Pay it forward" where the town is involved in this "project" and it catches on like wild fire. I love it! Another example that helped sink this concept in my brain, just happened yesterday. I'm going about my day, pretty content and convinced that God will provide despite the blaring message my check book was giving me. Oh and as a side note, I go on free cycle everyday and posted last week that I would like a tape player for the kids to listen to read along books with tapes. We picked that up on Sunday and not only does it play tapes but it has a radio! Woo hoo! It really is the little things folks! Back to my story. The phone rings and I notice that is from a local store. I think, huh, why are they calling us? Did I order something? They ask for Jesse, which is double weird because he's only been there once! I say he's at work and can I take a message. Reply is this, tell him he won the drawing and that he can pick up the gift, etc..blah, blah, blah! I told the clerk that this was somewhat funny to me because I was the one that signed him up for the drawing! So today, sometime, I or Jesse will pick up a all natural gift basket that Jesse won. I can't help but wonder had I decided to sign myself up would it have worked out the same way? I couldn't be more happy that Jesse won and he didn't even sign up for the darn drawing! How awesome is that and I get to enjoy him receiving it as a side benefit.

OK, back it up to the giving list. Lets change our perspective a bit. If the laundry didn't get done, myself and my family couldn't receive clean clothes. Others around us receive sweet smelling air due to the fact that our apparel is stench free. I won't go down the whole list but hope that this gives me a better understanding of the concept of give and take. If I never gave would I have the right attitude in which to receive? I think not. I am on a journey a way from scarcity thinking to abundant thought. I may not have a lot but what I do have I will share, give away, sometimes sell for a greater need of course and use to help others. I will not, however, confuse giving what I can with giving with what I don't have. It is a pet peeve of mine, when radio stations ask for monetary donations and encourage listeners to use their credit cards?!? What the Heck! Are they serious? This raises probably a whole different can of worms but whats up with that anyway!? Don't go and borrow from someone else to give to yet another person/group. Ludicrous I say. If you can't give don't feel bad, one day you will be able to and it will be fantastic but its all about timing.

Since the shift in thought I have had a way better attitude and my heart is full even though my bank account isn't but that will soon change!

Happy tuesday everyone!

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Bill Stanley said...

Good point! Thanks for giving. Moms are a total inspiration to us all.

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