Monday, May 3, 2010

Bloomsday Race 2010

My friend, Lisa and I about to start the Race!  Where is my chin?

I entered this race a couple months ago.  Started training.  I walked 3 times a week, religiously.  Gradually, increasing my milage until the week before the race.  Ok, well, 2 weeks prior.  Ok.  You see I was doing some yoga and went to guitar class afterwards.  I went to sit down and "ouch".  Chiropractor says my sacrum was out. 

Why does this sort of thing happen when one gets older?  I don't mean like 50 or 60.  I mean now.  When I'm 32!?  I went from Tuesday to Friday with taut backstrap muscles and no desire to pick up any thing heavier than 5 pounds.  I should mention that I've fallen, twice in 2 years.  Of the porch.  Not just the back one but the side one as well.  It's a conspiracy.

I'm at the Chirpractor on Friday and he puts my bones back where they need to be.  All is well and I decide, if a week is good then I'm taking off from training another week.  Probably, not the best idea but it was rainy and the idea of walking 6 or 7 miles around a track, was not in the least bit interesting to me.  *snoring*

We checked in the day before.  Got our race #'s and D-Tag.  I made sure I was hydrated and peed like crazy the next morning!  Drank and peed some more, at the race.  Sooo glad they thought of port-a-potty's.  Also, appreciate that some of these were in the sunlight.  Thumbs up from Me.

The sun came out just for the race I tell ya!  The days prior, were non-stop rain and clouds!  Bleh!  It was a little brisk and windy too.  I didn't care though.  The only thing I wish I had on my lovely, new, pink v-neck shirt, that wicks away sweat and keeps me cool, was something that said "Love your Boobies."  I saw some women sporting these T's.  I want one.  Or Two.  I should have Two.

Our group started at or around 9:30am and I finished around 11:20am.  For my first race, I am pretty dang proud and excited to say that I finished a 12K race!  My friend is pretty excited too and wants to do more!!  She wants to do a half marathon!  I guess races are like tatoos.  Once you get one you can't stop.  I hope to add my second race soon.  Like this summer. 

Here we go!  There were almost 50,000 entrants.  Holy Crow!

Woo hoo!  Here are my fantastic stats.  If you notice, I placed people with the same last name.  *pops collar*  Yep, I'm cool.  I saw a girl in a super woman costume.  Got my "wheels a turning".  Next race will be a real pic of Miss Fit in full costume.  There will be pictures.

Finish Time: 1:47:26

Overall Place: 22,604 out of 49,674

Ran with a pace of 14:24 per mile

The average pace for 32-year-olds was 14:15

Placed 442nd among 832 people the same age

Placed 466th among 1,004 people from Coeur D Alene, ID

Placed 2,234th among 5,163 people from Idaho

Placed 1st among 1 people with the same last name

Placed 11,515th among 29,854 females

Placed 243rd out of 538 among 32-year-old females

Placed 1,360th out of 2,885 people in your age group

My goal was to finish in 2 hours and I came in under! I am so thrilled! I'm also quite tired and rendered completely useless the rest of the day. I also ate and ate and ate. I ate an apple and a snack bar. I ate a 6 inch meatball sub with apple juice. I ate like 1/4 bag of (costco size) tortilla chips and a bunch of cookies when I got home. It totally spoiled my dinner. 

I don't know if this is the best way to top off my night but the hubs made me a margaritta.  I Love that Man!


w said...

congrats! great job!

makes me want to do another race! not really!

lots of exclamation points!

Kendra said...

Yay! Good for you! Races are like tattoos, only they hurt alittle less, I think. :-) I think we started in teh same color (blue?) cuz we started around 9:30 too, I think. How funny is that?!

Cleo said...

I have a pink "breat Cancer Awareness" shirt that reads, "Feel Your Boobies" on the front. And "Are you doing it?" on the back! LOVE it...but hubs won't let me wear it out in public after the INTENSE stares I got for it at our church's Superbowl Party earlier this year!

CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! on completing the race!

Am LOVIN' the "Placed first among 1 people with the same last name"! LOL! LOVE the way you slid it in there! Bet there will be some that don't catch it!
And am SOOOO proud of your stats!
XXXX (i.e. hugs) ;)

Much More Than Mommy said...

Congratulations! I *love* all the stats too! :-D And I can't wait to see you running in costume, girl, you could totally get away with that!

Miss Fit said...

I will totally rock a super woman costume.

#1...thank you...thank you..thank you!

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