Saturday, January 12, 2008

I would like to start by saying that there are alot of times that I haven't slowed down and really enjoyed being with my kids. I guess its easy to loose track of what's really important.
Today was not one of those days. I woke up this morning and determined in my mind to "drink in" my interactions with my children. As well as, there interactions with eachother. It was a typical day nothing special really and yes, it still involved siblings abusing eachother either verbally or physically.
There were pauses during the day, that I would just watch my children interact or I myself would be apart of. For instance, at lunch today. We sat around the table eating our pb & j, pears and orange juice. I didn't talk much but just listened and I don't even remeber what they were talking about. I just loved there innocence, sense of humor, they even shared at one point(amazing), mannerisms, and I thought I want to always remember this.
Just recently we got out a puzzle and instead of watching a movie with his sister and brother Jaeden decides to sit with me to watch as I put together this puzzle. Ok background: I ,especially, have focused alot of my joy in watching Jaeden from birth till now because he is the last born. So even though he tests me, I see through it and want to show him that he is safe in expressing any emotion at any given moment with me and I will be unaltered. Ok so back to the puzzle. He wiggles and giggles as I piece together the puzzle. We chat back and forth things. I whisper in his ear and he whispers back. I say, Jaeden your so cute and he says your so cute mommy! Now I'm thinking as much time as this kid spends with me, he just can't get enough attention from me. I did like it that he, at that moment, would rather watch me and sit on my lap than anything else.
There is another, that happened this evening, that will be my favorite memory until I die. As Denali was supposed to be getting ready for bed, she sat next to me on the couch and snuggled up. I started talking to her about her upcoming birthday and she got very interested. "How long till my birthday?" she asks. I reply 23 days. I go on and on about how old she is going to be, that she is half way to becoming a teenager, I can't belive she is going to be 7 and how my baby is growing up so fast. Now get this. Her reply just melted my heart. "Mommy I will always be your baby. " =) I said, "Yes you will, even when your 50." Denali doesn't miss a beat and says "Even when your dead, I'll still be your baby!" So of course I smother her in kisses and hugs, which she loves. Send her off to bed and sit a little while to soak in the moment.
There are many more times that I recall and I hope that I will remember these times amidst there growing up, learning the many life lessons to come. I will try not to treat them like babies because God knows I don't want to do everything for them for the rest of my life, but I do want them to know that they will always be forever special to me. This my friends, only cost me my time and its not that much to ask. Really

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