Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Silas' 6th Birthday

Since I cannot take pictures with our fickel camera, I will write about our celebration of my first born son’s birth. It’s kind of a continual thing. Since we aren’t having a big party, we thought we could do the next best thing, be the party! We decided to take him and the rest of the family to Triple Play on sunday instead of on his actual birth day. Since Jesse gets up at 5am every morning during the week, we thought it fair for everyone to have as much energy and time to really enjoy what Triple play has to offer. We were limited with the budget, always, so we had to choose wisely. Denali wanted to bowl, Silas wanted to mini golf and Jaeden would have been perfectly content to play video games the whole time. So we signed up for bowling for an hour, laser tag (the boys and daddy, since Denali was uninterested) and of course video games. The first game of bowling went ok, oh and did I mention it was micro bowling? They also call it duck pin, I think? The balls are mini and the pins a re mini! Very cute and a great intro to the kids, they had never actually bowled before. Luckily, there was a screen for watching toons between turns that keeped them occupied somewhat because they all wanted to stand in the lane during each persons turn. They were, like I said ok the first 30 minutes and basically entertained us the last 30. We mixed it up a little with Jaeden, who could throw 2 balls one after the other to see which one would get there first. I wish our camera worked! He was very animated each time he threw the ball! My turn was after his and so I spent just about every time trying to hit his ball into the gutter! Silas, was unsure of the whole bowling experience and Denali did pretty well. We were on the very end lane to the right, next to the door that leads to the back of the lanes and she actually threw a ball down the walk, to the door into the back room! This is impressive due to the fact that the door was opened just wide enough for a ball of 6-8inch in diameter to fit through! Next, our ventures took us down stairs to the laser tag, which Denali opted not to try but played video games instead. Mean while, Jesse and the boys are suiting up for laser tag. Jesse had to let out the vest a little for maximum breathing, Silas suited up fine and lastly my baby. Jaeden was engulfed by this seemingly huge vest and overwhelmed that he had to run with it on as well as carry a laser gun to shoot other people with! Jesse ended up carrying his vest and gun while running aroud with him shooting for both of them! Silas loved it and its funny because he did’nt even want to try it at first! Third, we took to mini-golf. At first we tried to keep score but lasted like 2 seconds, so we let the kids just go for it. This was a riot to watch Jaeden. He can do nothing mildly and if we didn’t insist on toning it down his ball would be flying everywhere! Good thing the golf balls are rubber! As we walked around we noticed other enthusiasts had left there mark as well. Denali and Silas got the jist of it and Jaeden would just go right next to the hole and tap his ball in! The set up was pretty neat, they had flowing water and boulders, rocks etc. So, of course the boys resorted to climbing on them and surprisingly din’t mess around in the water much. So to end our family extravaganza, we loaded up with coins and played video games until we ran out, claimed our cheap prizes and headed out the door. This was 4 hours spent well and worth the time.
On the way home we stopped by game stop and treated Silas to a game of his choice. We got home and frustration set in. What was most disappointing was the fact that they put the wrong game in the case! He was sooooo upset and it was all we could do to reassure him that we could get the game he wanted the next day. He just couldn’t understand how anyone could make such a horrible error! So today they are all taking turns playing the game and can’t wait until tomorrow for cake and presents.

Did I mention my lovely daughter spilled the beans on one of his surprises? In her excitement she couldn’t stand it any longer and told Silas we got him a bike. So of course I denied it and he asked if he could ride his bike Monday and I said of course not! lol Thinking that Denali could handle this secret I took her with me to get the dang thing and she did so good up until sunday! Oh well!

April 2nd we are celebrating Silas’ 6th Birthday and I can’t tell you how fast time seems to have just flown by. We will probaly spend some time looking through his baby pics and videos to reminese (is that the right spelling?). We are having a family celebration with his favorite dinner (sloppy joes)cake, ice cream and a few gifts. If by some miracle the camera decides to work we will post pictures! We may just go get a cord to connect the video camera to the computer and have live video instead!


Heather Henderson said...

Don't you love having one special day to celebrate a child?? I love birthdays even more than Christmas. It sounds like you guys had a great time!

Connella Ohana said...

We did and he wants to know when his next birthday is already!

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