Saturday, February 16, 2008

Martis Gras Kids Carnival

As we got ready this morning to go to Marti Gras, I thought this is going to be great! Well, it was once we got there but getting there took us an hour and we only live 5 minutes from where it was being held. All 3 of our children have been such home bodies that they would just rather not be bothered! When we finally got there it was all good. Denali tried out a violin and trumpet at the symphony petting zoo. Denali and Jaeden did face painting. All the kids got into the african drum circle and watching other kids juggle. Denali had to experience pottery twice and was really getting the hang of it! We may have to venture to a pottery shop for classes later! Denali and Jaeden got into painting a mural, which they love anyway. There were layers and layers of paint from previous kids on 2 streched canvas'! It was great. This was of course all inside a shopping center, down town, and we had a good time. Even though they didn't want to go! Kids are funny!

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