Friday, March 19, 2010

All Play and No Work

I started a business this month but you wouldn't know it by my recent activity.  I wake up, eat, peruse the internet, choose a yoga vid from youtube, Oh and help the kids with their stuff.  I did put out some 5 fliers, a few 30 business cards and looked into advertising costs  called a weekly free paper, Nicklesworth. 
Yeah, me! 

I knew that advertising was expensive but WOW!  Asks questionn to self : "Am I in over my head?"  I may have to start small people.  Like the above mentioned.  I am not that motivated to drive around town, handing out fliers and cards.  I could join a BNI group but I just can't seem to see myself there either. 

Is there a saying about lazy business owners? 

I am not a whin-ning or a complaining here.  Here are the facts.  I want to work but not that much.  The days I am available are Wed. and Friday afternoons, no late nights.  I want to be home when the hubs is.  Summer is coming up and I'd rather use our Silverwood passes every day that's beautiful!  As, well as, play in my garden, go hiking, camping, etc.

This mood I am in will pass and I know things will start to pick up.  *chants mantra*

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