Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspiration:It makes me happy

I remember in college, like once a week, I would say "If I had a tatoo it would be...(fill in the blank)".  The one "If I had a tatto..." statement that has stuck with me over the last 10 plus years is this.  "If I had a tatoo I would get one of a sunflower.  It would start from the back of my leg to my butt cheek." 

Soooooo glad I didn't do that cause that would be one big tat now.  *shiver*  So I will keep to admiring sunflowers where they are meant to be, plus I would look like a dog chasing its tail trying to look at the back of my leg all the time!  So there ya have it.  Sunflowers make me happy.  Fill me with joy and inspiration!

Tell what makes you happy and link Leigh vs Laundry.


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