Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get your Freak on Friday

get your freak on friday

*Points to pic link on above* This is her idea and I like it.

I am dedicating this to the hubs because he makes me laugh amongst other things.  When asked if I had this song on my iPOD, I said no.  He asks well, why not?  Well,  I don't know?  It's just not.  Why should I?  His response:  Everyone needs that song on their iPOD.  Now this song will always remind me of him.  How this makes the song memorable?  IDK?  Ok?!  I like the beat and it kinda makes me want to learn to line dance...a little.

So without further adieu, the song I will be getting my friday freak on with...drum roll please..."Juicy" by Better Than Ezra.

I love that they use regular ladies in the vid. 
It makes one hope that one day I may find ordinary me in a music video, line dancing.  Ok, maybe not but glad my girls are represent'n.


tristan said...

i LOVE it!!!

she's workin' it!

this song is now in my ipod.

thank you. :)

tds said...

That is all kinds of crazy good. I love it!

Miss Fit said...

Thanks and btw, I have this on my iPOD now annndd my son is learning to play it on his electric guitar. :P

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