Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Dance Yer Blobby off: Bebe (oops, I meant Bloggy)

Just Dance. Get the Wii game "Just Dance" and try to get the highest score. Post the link and spread the word.  WORD.

This weeks song " Bebe!

Next week song: STEP BY STEP

Just bought the game and it is sooo freakin' funtastic

I didn't do the freeze frame but maybe next time! 

Can't wait until next week! 

Also,  I found some old school pics and promised Kearsie that I would post 'em.  Here ya go.  A short history of my bad hair days.

I started out with a nice kind of Charlie's Angel's "feather".
Then evolved to "The Mushroom"

With High School brought "The Perm"

Dang Ya'll  I should be in a music video with Bon Jovi or sum'n.


Frugal Vicki said...

Okay, so I have to tell you, that after seeing your many hairstyles, I was brought back to Kate Gosselin. Is she TRYING to start some stupid look? Because whatever she is going for isn't even in fashion....I think she wants to have a "rachel" or a "farrah" or something.

Shell said...

You did great!

Those were the cool hairstyles then, though!

Miss Fit said...

Sweet Niblets! (Thank you Hannah Montana) Speaking of Hannah, My kids want to know why she doesn't live in Montana. Oh and don't get me started on Kate. Girl friend..g i r l friend. I also did the "wave" and "bleach blonde side-pony" as well. Oh yeah I was hot!

w said...

you're awesome. i want to dance.

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