Monday, March 29, 2010

Man Movie Monday

For Mondays I have decided to catch my man in action around the house. 

He is amazing and I love to brag about his talent and skill as a professional carpenter. 

Can you hear my heart go *pitter patter*

It's swelling with pride, 

He is the best!  He has mad skills yo! 

I bet he could use these even to get the job done. 

You should check those out. 

 My friend, Kearsie, is so creative and you should read her blog

She's funny like a itch that won't go away!

I, myself, am some what challenged when it comes to constructing simple things.

*cough*  Like *clears throat* a garden box

There is measuring, thinking, and math.  Did I mention thinking? 

I'm more of a action kind of a gal.  Yeah, that's it.

Oh and this is his favorite Flight of the Conchords song/vid.  Random.

Ok, so I like it too.  Pssh...

Plus, its like a inside joke now.  Hey, baby, its's "business time"  *wink, wink*

If your feeling especially brave watch the music vid.

Any-who....When  I see or envision some thing, you guessed it,

 I look to him to make it happen.

What I'm really good at is re-arranging existing things, ie. the furniture. 

Give it up for Feng Shui! 

It's supposed to be a sign of genius.  Really! 

I heard that on the radio and it has, HAS, has to be true!

So this is a man vid.  I love it.  I mean him.  I love him in it.

HE made me a cold frame for my garden yesterday

and we (when I say we, I mean I) decided to make it

a "How To"vid cause I know everyone is wondering how to make a cold frame. 

I wanted to know anyway and I do so enjoy watching him work

Disclaimer:  He's a professional, don't try this at home.  If you watch this vid and try this at home, you acknowledge that results may vary and may or may not perform as described in said video.
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