Friday, April 16, 2010

A Blog-mare, Race and I'm still Getting My Freak On

I woke up in a panic.  Sweaty palms.  I"m having a slight anxiety attack.  I look around my bedroom, confused.  Whew!  It was just a dream.  A nightmare?  A night terror?  No, it was a BLOG-MARE

Still feeling  a little hazy.  I reflect on this horible thing called a dream.  It starts out ok.  My family, friend and I arrive at the check-in table to get our race numbers and gadget thingy that we'll put on our shoe to keep track of our finish time.  Let me back up and say this, WE got there 5 minutes before the race is supposed to start.  Not good but Hey, its supposed to be easy-peasy.  Grab your number and gadget.  Line up.

Ok.  Done.  I'm ready, right?  Wrong.  They hand me this 15 page booklet, survey, Q & A.  I stare at the lady in dismay and say "Surely you jest?!"  Or some thing like that.  It's a dream.  It happened 2 days ago.  I knew I should have typed it up as soon as I got up!  Dang.

She looks up at me with determination in her eyes and authority in her voice.  "You can't race until this is completed."  She says without blinking.  I am in a state of panic!  In the back of my head I'm singing-Meaner, weaner, meaner, weaner..It's my dream.  Don't judge.

I am filling this thing out like its test day and Krispy Kreme just flashed its fresh donut sign on.  It's strange though.  I notice that the questions are all about blogs I've read or follow.  What the Frack?!  How do they know???  Why are they asking me questions like this?  This has nothing to do with the race!!  In the background the whistle blows or gun fires, to signal the start of the race and my heart is about to pound out of my chest!

I look to Miss Meaner, and plead with her.  "I can't finish this!!!  I need to get in the race!"  I scream say emphatically.  Nonchalantly she says, "Your right.  You can go."  O M G!  I want to rip her hair out and give it to Locks of Love.  She doesn't need it. 

I peel out to the track to find the starting area.  It's like high school.  There's a track.  I can't find the start.  I run around this barricade fence in a mad, frothing frenzy!  I can't find the start!  OMG!  I paid $15.00 to help poor people and I can't even find the beginning point to participate!!

I violently sit up in my bed and realized it was just a dream.  A nightmare. A night terror. No, it was a BLOG-MARE!  For those of you that are still reading, this is the actual map of the race.  No track. 

Tristan doesn't seem to be around for Get Your Freak On Friday.  So in her honor, where ever she might be, I will remain faithful and share my pick for this week, to get my Freak On.  Heck Yeah!  This is for the Ladies.  Power to the Womens!  BTW,  I dig her hair.  It's Afroliscious.  Chaka Khan!  *singing*  I'm every woman...I'm every woman...I'm Every woman...woah..woah..woah..

Peace out.


Cleo said...

Ok...I know how terrifying dreams can be...and let me apologize beforehand...but I got to tell you, AM LAUGHING MY BUTT OFF!!!!! So much so I had to spell it out and couldn't use the "lmbo"!
Oh dearie...sounds like you're starting to get a bit anxious. You'll be GREAT!!! If for no other reasons then the fact that you're Miss Fit!!! LOL!
O.k....sorry again...I do pass much love on to you. Am playing/teasing and getting away with it cause you know I'm in the SAME boat!!!! Check out the part of my post today, "Friday Fragments" and what I had to say about my upcoming FIRST 5K.
So awesome you get a map!
This is mySamuelson's school's first 5K, so am not surprised to have not gotten one. Am a bit worried about any type of "inclined elevation". There is a hill I run in my run around the homestead, let me be honest, I walk it. Just not to that "fit" point yet! Daggone that hill has a HUGE grade!!!! Sorry...turning the comment into a post here! Will say a prayer for you friend: the very little I know about you via our newbie friendship will ROCK!!!!

Kendra said...

Wow. Now I'm feeling a bit anxious about the race....actually I'm super intimidated by "the hill".

Miss Fit said...

I was wondering what the interpretation of this dream was! Its like a test for my body. Or freakin' out about actually arriving 30 minutes early to any event. Thanks for the encouragement! We can do this!!

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