Thursday, April 8, 2010

Horror Show in My Bathroom:The 'Almost Death' of a light bulb

Like a normal person, I'm brushing the teeth before going to bed and the light bulb 'twitches'.  It was like morse code.  "I am dying.  Goodbye cruel world.", the light says to me.

Thought I should interpret since I was the only one there to share its message to the world.  

I look to the other 3 bulbs in confusion and anticipate being party to a Christmas light show.  "Please, don't tell me your all abandoning me?"   I don't know if I can take this.  I need them.  Maybe its unfair to expect so much from light bulbs.

I stand in front of the mirror, with my sonic toothbrush in hand *whirring*, staring at my unintentional blinking light.  It's not like it completely took me aback because lights do go out but this is no ordinary light bulb!  You see, I joined the band wagon last year and replaced all my old, has been light bulbs with fresh, sparkling, new CFL's.  I even went to the trouble to plan out what wattage I would use and which rooms they would go in.  For example 40 watt in the bedrooms and 60 watt in the bathrooms, etc.  I made a list, counted all our bulbs and everything! 

Yes, I AM OCD.

All I can think is 'What the Frack?'  Does anyone else watch Battle Star Galactica?  If not, you should and you'll know that's where I picked up Frack.  It's one of my fav words.  I'm sad that show is over.  I'm going to have to start watching Caprica now with the hubs.  I love that I can share his love for Sci-fi.  We love it.

As I think about Clones and humans battling to the death, I watch my hand involuntarily reach up to the CFL in question and start to twist it.  Not lefty loosey to free it from its torment or untimely demise, but righty tighty to add insult to injury.  As if I can will it back to life by force. *Cue Yoda - "Use the force, Misty".  Coming out of my brain-cation, back to the matter at hand, I see the light spasm slightly and get its illumination on. 

It was just a reflex. My fingers didn't get burned like they would have if it were one of those other bulbs either.  Side note:  I did save those other bulbs and they are gathering dust on top of my kitchen cabinets at this very moment.  They are  awaiting the day that we move because I will take all those CFL's with me.  What?! They are expensive!

Whew!  I was so going to make a hate video and bring down the conspirators that convinced me to buy CFL's in the first place.  Aren't they supposed to last 10 years or more?!  I showed that light whose boss and happily went to bed with the hubs, knowing that I conquered yet another possible life shattering problem, unconsciously.  But still, it counts and I did it without yelling, "Honey?!"


Letherton said...

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Thanks :)

Miss Fit said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll check your site out.

Barefoot with Children said...

Yes our CFL that have been in for 6 mos are flickering- and they have been for a week- I so enjoy the 6 yo telling me EVERY DAY that the light is going.

Bossy Betty said...

Just think--now you can start a NEW list of when they went out and what they were trying to say as they left this earth.

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