Friday, May 14, 2010

F off Friday!!

This may look offensive.  For that I'm sorry.  OK, not really.  I feel like the Grinch today!   Shouting ove Who-ville, "I HATE YOU!  LOATHE YOU ENTIRELY!"  I may even look green too.  I ate too many No-bake cookies last night.  Feeling a little guilty.

This MeMe is brought to you by Boobies, Babies & A Blog and you can read more why this came to be @ her blog.  As for me this is a wonderful opportunity to list my frustrations and tell them all to Fawk off.  

I am a good christian lady but sometimes I just gotta drop the F Bomb!  Also, had a weird week.  Haven't blogged at all!  Some one un-followed me.  Boo.  Oh well.

First, off for Mission Monkey, Please go read her story!

Fawk you Cancer.  You will be defeated.  I hate how you steal life and respect neither age or gender.

Fawk you to people who judge first and let fear control your lives and others.  So Fawk fears too.

Fawk you Salvation Army for discriminating.  I may get a lawyer.

Fawk labels for the limits they put on our family.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link up! You made me just want to go run a picket line or something..(in a superwoman costume too!)

Mission Monkey foreva!

cwitgo said...

It's ok about how it looks. Normally I wouldn't go for it, but this is different. Good for you and I'm glad you're here.

Dee Crowe said...

I likey...and I might have to join in next Friday...maybe..well..hmm..I mean I would, if I didn't have my business tied to it...harg...

Well I suppose I could always link up without using the picture!

Anonymous said...

M-i-s-t-y!!!!! LOL

I agree with you, sometimes things in life are just not fair.
So what do we do, we P-R-A-Y about it!!!

God will take care of us and others.
God really is in control, really!!!

I love you sis. Muah.
Try not to worry about things too much. I know it is hard.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Your big sis,

Anonymous said...

This is a great new meme!
What did the Salvation Army do? That is no good.

Cleo said...

Ahhhh!!! You sound like me...all irritable when I eat something not good for me (especially if I eat it in excess!) I get ALL KINDS of irritable!
So sorry about the "un-follower". Although it really makes no sense, it is bothersome. Had it happen to me a few days ago. Want to know what's even sillier? I don't even know who it was! I just noticed my "followers" number drop one! Maybe that's why they dropped me! LOL!! Don't feel too's not the quantity but the quality...and the rest of us love you!
We need a meme to further elaborate on this one! Am dying to hear explanations!

sanjeet said...

Good for you and I'm glad you're here.
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SueDohNihm said...

Umm Hi! lol, hope your Sunday is much better than your Friday was. I finally got a chance to plant the match stick garden :-)

And yes, even Christians get to the point that we have to just vent it out :-)

My Hubby has no respect for the Salvation Army. Apparently when he was a kid, they turned his family away when they were in need.

Smile! It's a new week :-)

♥Cari♥ said...

Hi! Little late stopping by from Fawk You Friday! Love your F U's!

I'm your newest follower :D

Hope you will visit mine!

I'm also not a fan of Salvation Army. Goodwill either, actually.

West Coast Beach Wife said...

Hi, I'm a new follower and just finding the Fawk You Fridays. Love the whole concept!


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