Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let me start off with this. Lately, Denali has either wanted me to go to her SS class or she sits with us in "BIG" Church. Well, today she decided that she wanted to sit with us. So, I said ok and in we went. The Senior Pastor was speaking today and Jesse and I were intently listening to the message when out of the corner of my eye I see Denali. She is sitting between the two of us and she too is watching Pastor Mike but not only watching but mimicking every move he made withe his hands. Sometimes repeating what he was saying.
So now in my head I am traveling back in time to some of the professors, pastors,and teachers that used excessive hand motions. I cannot help but take joy in her amusement that our pastor was doing the same thing and she had picked up on it. Isn't it weird how our kids do that? They may not be me or Jesse but know idosyncrincies when they see them. I wonder if we had pointed that at out or just passed that on somehow?
I could see, as he is scanning the small audience, that he can hardly stand to continue his speach as he sees our wonderful daughter immitate him. He just smiled and didn't miss a beat. I tried as hard as I could, not to laugh completely outloud and try not to encourage her either but I just could not help giggling and poor Jesse did all he could to keep it in too. I asked her a few times to stop but she was having such a good time she kept going. Thankfully the service was close to the end and we went fairly unnoticed. Sigh.... That girl is a character I tell you what. What a great sunday at church!

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